You can follow this easy step-by-step guide to get started with Classloom as soon as possible!

All Classloom functions operate through group based activity. You cannot reach or use any of the Classloom functions without creating or joining a Classloom group. For this reason you should create or join a group after signing up Classloom.

With Classloom, you can easily create a group for your class. A group owner is able to invite any one to his/her group. Even though Clasloom is an online platfrom with the aim of strengthening parent-teacher or teacher-student communication and interaction, not all Classloom groups are necessarily for the clasroom.

All group members can record group events, make announcements or save/upload any group related documents or photographs. Moreover, all group members can share posts on the group wall and comment on any posts made by other group members. All uploaded or saved group content is private to the group and can only be seen by members of that group.

The private message option is the only function that works independently from groups and allows every user to message one to one with each other.

Fill in your profile information

Your profile information is important both in order to use certain functions of Classloom and communicate with other Classloom members. Please do not forget to fill in your profile information.

View sample group

You can click on the “Sample” link in order to briefly explore certain Classloom functions and find out what you are able to do with Clasloom. You will see a number of sample entries on this page and you can see how entries can be displayed within Classloom groups.


Visit “Teachers Resources” page on Classloom web site

If you’re a teacher, you will find resources like “Introductory letter”, “Parent presentation”, “Email address request form” which may help you for informing parents before sending an online invitation.

To visit Teachers’ Resources page click here

Create a group or request to join an exiting one

You can watch the below video to learn how to create a group on the Classloom. If you want to find out further information you can explore the help sections dedicated to: How to Create a Group or How to Send a Joining Request for a Group

Save content to the group you create to explore Classloom

One of the most practical ways of exploring Classloom is to save content to the group you create. Before inviting members to your group it’s better to put some content. By doing this, you let your new members quickly become familiar with the functions of the Classloom and understand why you opened that group.

If you join an existing group, you will be able to see all previous group content that has already been shared and take a detailed look by clicking on any posts or group content that may interest you.

Invite members to your group

There are various ways to invite members to Classloom groups. If you want to find out further information on how to invite members to your group, you can watch the below video or you can explore the help content: Inviting Members to You Group.

Confirm member requests to join your group

If you invite members by sharing Group Code, you should approve their joining requests. To learn “How”, you can explore the help content: How to approve group join requests.

Connect your child to any groups that you create or join

If you are accessing Classloom as a parent, you can connect your child (whom you can link and save on your profile page) to any group you create or join and this will be displayed on your child’s timeline page. This function is useful, if your child is connected to more than one group or if you have more than one child. If you want to find out further information you can explore the help section dedicated to: How to register and associate your child with your group(s)

Become an active group member and start to share, chat and communicate

How you will be notified about group updates?

Classloom sends instant and weekly e-mails to notify you of: any update in your group, your agenda for the coming week and all group actions of last week. You are able to make your own  notifications settings . If you want to find out further information you can explore the help section dedicated to: Classloom notification (automatic e-mail) settings

Access your Classloom groups anytime, anywhere

Classloom is compatible to any device including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs you use while reaching Classloom. You can connect to Classloom from any location you want, with any device you want. You only need an internet connection.